Acuerdo de colaboración Autotech Experts & Launch UK

La globalización mundial es un hecho a día de hoy en todos los sectores del mundo de la automoción y Autotech Experts es consciente de que las colaboraciones y alianzas con otras empresas es vital para alcanzar objetivos comunes. Por lo tanto, nuestra empresa ha firmado un acuerdo de colaboración con Launch UK que es una de las empresas más importantes y reconocidas a nivel mundial en lo que se refiere a equipos de diagnosis para vehículos.

Este acuerdo incluye la cesión de equipos de diagnosis como por ejemplo, el X431 Euro Pad II, para las clases prácticas. Esta máquina de diagnosis es una de las ultimas en aparecer en el mercado y a día de hoy es vital en un taller, por lo que entendemos que es una necesidad el ofrecer nuestra formación técnica con herramientas similares como los utilizadas por los mecánicos a diario.

A continuación, se pueden ver un par de enlaces referentes a este acuerdo en el Reino Unido.

Autotech Experts — Assessment Approved Centre (IMI)

Autotech Experts is always doing its best effort to improve the quality of its training. So, according to this, our range of on-line training and class room based learning is certified by the IMI (Institute Motor Industry due to this, we are an approved assessment centre. This professional body is the main source of retail industry information, standards and qualifications. It plays a vital role in developing and maintaining a skilled, competent and professional workforce, able to keep pace with evolving automotive technologies and rapidly changing markets. This certification mentioned before will assure to our customers that every training course provided by Autotech Experts is of high quality and it will make the investment of money worth while and will add value to the services provided by its garage.

ZF-TRW and Remaned reach an agreement for the concession of the LUCAS Brand

ZF-TRW and Remaned reach an agreement for the concession of the LUCAS Brand. The biggest challenge in the history of the company begins, as they take the rights to manage one of the most well-known brands worldwide.

In 2016 January 29th, Equipos Diesel Remaned signed an agreement with the multinational ZF-TRW to become the exclusive licensee of Lucas brand in Europe, Central America and South America.

This agreement becomes a milestone in the professional path of Remaned since its founding back in 2008. A long term challenge that implies important strategic changes in relation to 2015, due to the expansion of Remaned with the opening of new markets and a new range of products.

The brand Lucas is famous worldwide as a sign of quality, technology and excellence in automotive products and spare components.

Thanks to the Lucas licence, Remaned will increase their range of spare parts to an exceptional more than 4.000 new references, to be added to their well-known range of diesel injection remanufactured products.

In a first phase, Lucas Diesel will be distributed in Europe, Central America and South America from the logistic platforms in Spain, England and Brazil.

Thanks to our efficient supply chain with international logistic companies, Lucas Diesel will offer the best service to their export customers all over the world.

“This is a year of new opportunities and projects which will allow growth. That is why this agreement with ZF-TRW entails a big challenge to the Remaned Group. A challenge that will allow us to reach our goals”, explains Oscar Villafranca, Managing Director of the Remaned Group.

QR Code. Traceability Control.

All Remaned products bear a sticker with the manufacturer´s reference and a QR code. This code offers all information referring to the traceability of our products : date of production, pressure values, flow, fuel-tightness, etc.

The QR code was invented for the spare parts sector of the automotive industry in Japan, specifically by the Brand Denso Wave. Its versatility makes it the ideal tool to manage the control of any type of production.

Oscar Villafranca, Young Businessman of Navarra 2014 Award winner

The Young Businessman of Navarra 2014 Award , celebrated its 12th edition at Baluarte Congress Hall in the afternoon of June 25th . This prize rewards good management, innovation, effort and work of young businessmen from the Community of Navarra, and apart from recognising all these values, it serves as an incentive in achieving the excellence regarding entrepreneurial work.

There is no doubt that Oscar Villafranca was one of the most active businessmen throughout 2014, and this award recognises this fact. As the Managing Director of the company Equipos Diesel Remaned, he has managed to position his Company as one of the main benchmarks in its sector, the remanufacturing of automotive diesel equipment. With customers in almost 40 countries, 6 branches spread throughout Europe and South America and a staff of 162, Oscar Villafranca keeps working to expand the range of his company, always with the aim of maintaining the highest quality standards and performance. This commitment has secured his prominent position in the business world of Navarra and Spain.

In his statement right after having received the award from the President of the Government of Navarra, Yolanda Barcina, Oscar Villafranca stressed that “ this is an award for the people that work with us”, addressing specially his family, that were there with him at the ceremony and that are such an important part of the company. He also encouraged other businessmen with the words “everything, with confidence, is achievable in the end”.

Lastly, he anticipated an announcement that serves to make even more explicit the expectations of constant growth in Equipos Diesel Remaned, and it was no other than the agreement with an automotive multinational Company, a very beneficial agreement for the Company that will become public in the next weeks.

It is possible also to highlight Jon Esandi´s words, as president of the AEJ, where he expressed his pride at representing the young businessmen of Navarra, who are characterised by their courage and enthusiasm in setting up a company in these somewhat unstable times. That is why he encouraged the public institutions, with several representatives amongst the attendees to the ceremony, in making setting up of companies easier, with more flexible terms and procedures, and to bet on innovation and creativity as the fundamental conditions for establishing a new company.

Autotech Experts at the Fair `Automechanika Frankfurt´

Autotech Experts debut could not have taken place at a better scene than the Frankfurt Automechanika, international aftermarket Trade Fair. One of the main objectives of the Company is to establish Autotech Experts both Technical Assistance and Training at the national level in the United Kingdom, as well as internationally.
This is why the place and event chosen were the most appropriate, because this is the most important Trade Fair worlwide within this sector.

In Frankfurt, Autotech Experts had the chance to introduce themselves to potential customers, collaborators and suppliers, and this was the best way of getting to know their requirements and interests first hand, thus being able to customize the services offered by the Company. At the end of the Fair, the results obtained were very interesting, helping to reinforce the base of the company and encourage further development.